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This book provides you with the 12 powerful principles to create success in life and business. These 12 Powerful P's skill sets, show you how to find your power, and reach your potential through pursuing your passion and purpose in life.


It's time to turn your dreams into reality and your passion into profit. It's time to break away from your past and reinvent yourself into a new you. It's time to forget your fears. It's time to push yourself to the limit to create wild success doing something you love. It's time to find your purpose and passion so you can live a life you love.

Discover why perfection and your past may be holding you back. Learn how to stop procrastinating and start producing. Realize the power of positivity. Find out how to create a powerful presence and persona. Learn why being prepared and proficient is so important. Find out how to be profitable in business and sales. Learn how to create a LifeMap for success. Be the change you wish to see in the world.


  • Are you a head-turner? Do you have a powerful presence?
  • You must passionate about your work and life to be successful.
  • Be obsessed or be obsolete. Constant and never-ending learning and self-improvement are key to success.
  • There's no room for a pity party on the road to success so snap out of it.
  • Bring it on, Baby! I'm smart, skilled, capable, and resourceful. I can overcome any challenge or obstacle placed in my path.
  • Get off the lazy train: Is procrastination keeping you from reaching your potential?
  • Push yourself to the limit on your path to success, reach higher, and strive.
  • What's your secret sauce? What do you do better than anyone else? What is your niche your expertise?
  • Get out of Busyville. Start being productive and start delegating.
  • You must make a BIG impact if you want to make BIG money so bring it on, baby!
  • Be your biggest fan. Adopt an attitude of shameless self-promotion.